4 Reasons Why Western Boots Aren’t Just for the Ranch

western boots

Though Western boots have never really gone out of style, they re-emerged on the top runways in the fall of 2017 as must-have footwear for men and women. Western boots have been worn throughout the years by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Jessica Simpson, and Beyoncé. Some may be scratching their heads and wondering how Western boots moved from the ranch to the runway. The truth is, boots are some of the most versatile footwear you can own. Here are four reasons why Western boots aren’t just for the ranch.

Versatile Uses

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Western boots are good for more than rounding up cattle on a dusty plain in Texas. Depending on their style and fit, boots can be the perfect choice for a day of sightseeing, an afternoon of helping a friend move, and an evening of kicking back at your favorite bar or restaurant. Many styles of boots are also great at a casual office and for working in stores or eateries. For the most versatility, pick a pair of boots that is neutral in color, classic in style, and comfortable to wear.

Plenty of Boot Styles to Choose From

Western boots come in so many styles that you’d be hard-pressed to not find one that you like. One of the most popular styles of Western boots is the cowboy boot, a classic-shaped leather boot with a distinct toe box, stitching, and no laces.

Cowboy boots come in a tall height that rests above your calf, and also in mid-length and ankle heights. Thanks to the attention of fashion designers, you can even find cowboy boots in deconstructed styles. Other Western boot options include the functional style of leather Chippewa boots. No matter whether you’re looking for flashy stitching or waterproof leather, Western boots have a style to match.


Well-made Western boots are designed to last a lifetime. Most Western boots are made with leather which, with proper care, is both durable and long-lasting. Certain types of Western boots are also crafted such that the soles can be replaced when they wear out. Keep durability in mind when picking out a new pair of Western boots, and remember that you’re making an investment that will last you for a long time.

What to Wear With Western Boots

Are you looking for ways to incorporate Western boots into your wardrobe? For women, one of the most popular ways to rock the Western boots is to pair them with a flowing dress or skinny jeans. Wearing boots with a dress creates a cool, relaxed vibe that is perfect for a music festival or summer picnic. Wearing boots with skinny jeans gives off an edgy, modern feel. The style-watchers this season are pairing Western boots with fitted jeans for men, with the cuffs either rolled above the boot or tucked inside.

Western boots aren’t just for the ranch. Their classic styles, durability, and versatile uses make them the perfect investment for any wardrobe.

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