5 Beach Accessories Every Woman Needs for a Stylish Summer


It is summer time and this means more fun and outdoor activities to help you unwind.  Whether you love spending time on the beach or you are more at ease hanging out with friends and family there is no denying this is the best time of the year. As a stylish lady, you definitely care about how you look when you step out.

Just because it is time to lay back and enjoy does not mean you should throw out your exquisite touch of style. Luckily, there is a wide selection of accessories that will help maintain your perfect sense of fashion.  Here are some items that will help accentuate your distinct sense of fashion this summer:

Stylish Beach Bags

A bag is a perfect choice if you are spending time near the seaside. Unlike traditional totes which were bland and uninspiring you now have a wide selection of stylish beach bags to choose from. These bags blend functionality and beauty to make your time at the seashore more convenient.

These glamorous ladies beach bags have a waterproof lining to protect sensitive items such as tablets and phones. The designer beach bags are flashy and are made up of nautical themes and colorful bright colors. The materials used are sturdy and every part of the creation including straps and buckles are high standard to give a touch of elegance.


Can summer be complete without donning a straw hat? This accessory is not only important to protect your face and hair but also gives a touch of glamour to your summer fashion style. An oversized straw hat offers maximum sun protection. Other hat options include panama hats and fedoras depending on how active you expect to be.


Shoes and ladies have a long history and summer is not going to change this. There are various stylish shoe styles that will make you stand out while also making it more comfortable to walk on the sand. You can choose from sandals and flip-flops among others.  If you are not hitting the seashore there are still more options including sandals, clogs, pumps and wedges all for different occasions.


Whatever may your summer style be, you must have a pair of high quality sunglasses. These help you by immediately enhancing your look and there are many styles and brands to choose from.  There are ladies’ collections of oversized sunglasses, aviators and wayfarers that instantly upgrade your style.



If you are hitting the seashore, make sure you have a cover-up. Nothing is as awkward as peeling off your wet-suit only to wear a pair of jeans. Cover-ups are trendy, they come in resplendent colors, and are easily wearable.

Planning to hit the sand or have some outdoor fun? A stylish beach bag comes handy when you need to pack all your accessories. It also helps accentuate your fashion style.

The most common types of Beach Tote Bags

If you are confused on what type of beach bag to get, here are a few  types to look out for.

A waterproof beach tote is not only stylish and elegant it helps you stay organized during summer outings. Whether you are packing for one or the entire family these bags are the ultimate accessory to make the most out of your summer. If you are a fan of water fun activities, there are several beach tote bags to choose from.

There are different types of top quality beach tote bags of to choose from.  The classification is based on the printing material type and category of use. Here is a brief overview of these products:

  1. Polyester

It is a common bag material that is known to be both durable and easier to maintain.  Looking for a versatile bag for the next outing? These products are wrinkle free and stylish. They complement your fashion style and come in a versatile range of nautical themes and colors.

  1. Canvas

Canvas bags are made from organic and natural fiber which is quite eco-friendly. They are luxurious products that are easy to print on and can be found in different colors and designs.
Their sturdiness makes them perfect for summer outings.

  1. Calico Cotton

Also called muslin, Calico Is made from cotton that is not fully processed. The plain-woven material textile is attractive and also strong for outdoor use.

The above waterproof stylish totes withstand water and sand damage and the inner lining protects your sensitive items from damage. They are large, spacious and multi-pocketed which allows easy packing and access to your belongings.



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