8 Wardrobe Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

wardrobe hacks

In today’s world, everyone is always looking for the easy way out. And why not?

We live on a planet full of people who have created technology like self-driving cars and machines that listen to your every command. But even in the today’s world of amazing technological advancement, where Elon Musk launched a car to Mars, the most useful advances may be the little things we label as ‘lifehacks’. You know, the things we can all apply immediately that actually make our everyday life easier!

So here are a few wardrobe items that are designed to do just that. Incorporate some of these wardrobe hack items and it will speed up your morning routine, take some of the stress out of getting ready and help you breeze through your day.

Fashion should work for you! Like it or not, what you’re wearing affects your mood and productivity significantly throughout the day. And with a few inventive items, wardrobe hacks can be so effortless and fun.

Here’s the proof:

FreeBelts–This is an innovative new take on belts, that you have got to try. The buckle-free belts keep your pants held securely in position without the annoyances of standard belts. Say goodbye to that buckle mark you end up with on your stomach, the bulge it makes under your top, and most importantly, having to re-do you belt everytime you go to the bathroom! It’s a much more comfortable and convenient way to keep your pants up. You put it on in the morning then you can forget about it all day.

free belts
Findlay Hats–Do you love outdoors and baseball caps? These hats have laces that you can customize to give your hats a range of different looks, and you can also use them to secure your hat on windy days. They even have built in secret pockets.

findlay hats

Torch Coat Heater–If you’re someone who is always feeling the cold, and miss the warmth of the house, this little addition to your wardrobe will seem like a dream. This is a battery powered jacket heater. It makes the inside of your jacket toasty warm. Want to switch it from one jacket to another? No problem. – it’s removable, and the heater can fit inside any jacket you already have. And there’s an added bonus – it can also charge your phone on the go!

Cooling Hoodies – OK, we talked heated apparel, now let’s talk cooling apparel. This smart hoody will keep you feeling cool in the heat! It has xylitol woven through the fabric, which will make you feel cooler by lowering the temperature as soon as you start to sweat. This is a great way to protect your skin by staying covered up without having to suffer from the heat.

Tucked Trunks–One for the gents out there. If you ever struggle with your shirt coming untucked during the day then this is one for you. These boxers have a dual waistband that you tuck your shirt into. Anti slip fabric in this band along with a button hole for the last button on your shirt, will keep your shirt where it belongs all day long.

Lock Laces–These handy little gadgets can turn any pair of lace up shoes into simple slip on shoes. They keep your shoes on securely and comfortably but then just ease on an off with no need to undo your laces. They are a great choice for anyone, children who are struggling with laces, people with arthritis in their hands, or just style conscious gym bunnies in a hurry!

Bra Clips–And now one for the ladies. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous outfit ruined by your bra straps showing awkwardly. These clips pull your bra straps together across you back to hide them from sight, with the added gem of giving you a little extra lift and support. So look and feel great with this little wardrobe hack.

Odorless Socks–If you ever feel the temptation to kick off your shoes in the office, but know that the moment you do people will start looking for the dead animal in the room, then these socks are for you. They are made of super comfortable merino wool that has been woven with strands of silver. The silver is a natural antibiotic, and it will kill the bacteria that cause foot order. Now you can feel free to free your feet without worry.

What’s a wardrobe hack that you live by?

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