A Complete Guide to Choose Plus Size Women T-shirts

do's and don'ts of plus size fashion

The problem with plus sized women is fewer options in terms of clothes available for them in stores. Plus sized clothing is made in a different way than clothes of normal size as plus size women don’t have a uniform body shape. Most clothing stores lay emphasis on a particular size of clothing which leaves very little choice for women with large bodies and they end up picking poorly fitted clothes that are much larger in size which makes them look drab and weary. Many clothing brands started introducing plus sized clothes after some designers dared to include plus sized models to support plus sized women in their shows. This highlighted unique clothing needs of plus sized women. When it comes to buying a plus sized T- shirts for women, certain things need to be kept in mind to help you choose the right plus size fashion tips on what not to wear. Here are some do’s and don’ts of plus size fashion and tips to pick the best plus sized t-shirt for your body type.


The neckline of a T-shirt is an important consideration while buying a plus sized shirt. Women with large bustline should stay away from round or v-shaped necklines that plunge down. Collared t-shirt with a few buttons at the top works better for women with large bust size. The collar draws all the attention towards itself to give an impression of a narrow bustline. Plus sized women with extra flab on the waist can trim down their look by wearing t-shirts in boat shaped neckline. Crew neck t-shirts are great for plus sized women who have proportionate bodies.


plus size fashion tips and advicePay attention to the sleeves of the shirt. They should not be too wide with side flares if it’s a short sleeved shirt. Wide sleeves add more width to your body shape and make you appear larger. They also draw attention to the flabby areas on your waist. Pick T -shirts with sleeves that skim your arms with just an inch of space left for free arm movement. If you have any extra flab on your upper arms that does’nt look right to you, go for a fitted full sleeved or quarter sleeved shirt thats a little looseer where the sleeve ends.


The length of the T-shirt you select is of key importance here. Women with a lot of bulges around their waist should keep the length of the shirt to cover those areas upto the point where your thigh bone starts. We suggest trying the shirt in the store to check whether it fits you well around the waist and tummy. The shirt should not be too tight around the waist as it will accentuate all the bulges you might be having in that region. It should instead skim your waistline to create an idea of a flat tummy. Avoid wearing baggy shirts that have a broad waist size at all costs. These only add width to your already large body.


Women who generally have rounded bodies are always looking for plus size fashion tips on what not to wear . Selecting T-shirts with well crafted shoulders helps in creating a shapely figure. Check the undersides of shoulders. Shirts with shoulder to shoulder taping on the insides give a better shape to the body. Opt for double or triple stitched shoulder seams for durability. Women with wide shoulders and arms can streamline their upper body by choosing raglan sleeved shirts that have a diagonal shoulder seam starting from underarm to the collarbone.


The fabric material of plus sized Tshirt has to be looked into for a good fit. Thinner shirt materials need to be ditchedplus size fashion tips what not to wear as these have a tendency to cling to the body which in turn accentuates body bulges. Tshirts made from heavyweight cotton blends are a better option for plus sized women. Thick fabrics do not cling to the body and camouflage flabs to make your body look leaner. The feel of the fabric is also of key importance. Plus sized shirts made from 100% cotton and cotton polyester blends have the most comfortable feel on the skin. If it’s a crew neck shirt, make sure the fabric on the neckline has spandex in it so you can slide it over your head effortlessly.


Deeper hues of brown, blacks, maroons and blues help create an illusion of a thinner body. If you are light skinned refrain from picking darker shades as these highlight the extra skin you have on your exposed body parts. Medium toned colours like olive green, light brown, sky blue and lilac shades work better for white skinned women. Those with a dark complexion can choose darker or other medium toned colours to hide flab on their body. Tshirts with a lot of detailing or multicoloured patterns do not look good on large women. Most baseball T-shirts have a different coloured sleeve than the rest of the shirt. Plus sized women can go in for baseball shirts if they wish to bring in some variety in the colour patterns.

Hope the above plus size fashion tips and advice help all of you beautiful women.

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