Advantages of Granite Countertops


The natural appeal of granite countertops has been seen in many homes of new construction in the last few decades and home owners with older homes and kitchen refurbishment plans have often considered granite as one of the best options for making a kitchen updated and beautiful. Many home owners have had to put up with the less appealing plastic countertops for years that were so popular about forty years ago, but have recently seen the value in upgrading their space to include granite due to its durability and positive look for any space.

And granite can be utilized in more than just the kitchen granite countertop as many people will look to update their bathroom around the same time they enhance their kitchen and will attempt to create some sort of continuity between those spaces regarding countertops and cabinets. Granite is definitely one of the best ways to enhance the look of a space with a material that will last long and also bring class and sophistication to the space as well.

Basic Granite Information

The most common geographic locations from which granite is harvested from the earth include many areas of Europe, some African locations and some quarries in Brazil where there are significant areas of natural stone deposits. Granite has grown in popularity due to the particular hardness of the substance and the fact that it will last a significantly long time. This is particularly valuable in any type of kitchen refurbishment as such a project is usually a costly one and utilizing long-lasting and durable materials is important.

One of the interesting things about granite and its durability is the fact that it is so tough that one of the only ways to polish granite and cut it into manageable sections is to use diamonds to do so, which as everyone knows are some of the hardest things on earth. This durability of granite means that there can be a significant amount of wear and use of the kitchen and the countertops should stay in good condition as long as a proper sealant has been used to protect he surface.

Granite Countertop Advantages

Durability and Value of Granite Countertops

Granite is so smooth and hard in its final countertop form that it can actually be used directly as a preparation surface for baking with no plates and boards required for things like flattening pastry dough. As long as the surface is properly sealed on a regular basis, it’s usually pretty simple to make sure that the granite stays in good condition for a long time even if someone tends to put hot plates, pans and other cooked items directly on its surface.

Another reason why people tend to gravitate toward granite when they are seeking an upgrade to the countertops in their kitchen or bathroom is because of the inherent value that such an installation provides to the space and how the overall valuation of the home might increase with such home improvements. And anyone with an eye toward design and improvement will be pleased to find that granite isn’t just available in the classic, mottled gray color, but is also available in many different shades that range all the way from deep black to near white with everything in-between such as green, red and even blue.

Choosing the Right Granite Countertop

Most home owners will tend to utilize gray or perhaps brown with their granite countertops, but should a home owner want to get creative, it is definitely recommended that something like red or green be considered if it is a style and color that would go well in the home’s space. Investing in granite is a fairly significant and permanent project, so it’s a good idea to consider all of the potential granite options out there.

One of the decisions to be made in upgrading to granite countertops is how those surfaces might enter into other design decisions in the house. There are often countertops in many areas of the home and there are usually other design decisions to be made as well in refurbishing a kitchen and so it’s important to choose a style and color of granite countertop that will complement the cabinets that are to be used or even the flooring which might be installed.

Home Value Improvements and Granite

Regarding the enhanced value that someone might receive from the installation of granite countertops, such an installation is very nearly always going to provide a home value increase of at least three times the initial cost of the countertops and the installation. This increase in value will be even more significant should a home owner seek out improvements to their cabinets, the fixtures, the appliances and even the sink area.

Overall, granite is a solid addition to any kitchen and will not only offer a pleasing appearance for the space, but it will also be something that adds concrete value to the home as well, which is a positive element whether someone intends to sell their home at some point or whether they simply want to grow the equity in their home for some time to come. With so many different types of granite and the fact that granite looks fashionable with so many different kitchen designs, choosing granite for a countertop project is definitely something to consider

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