Choosing the Perfect Ring Style for Your Engagement

Choosing the Perfect Ring Style for Your Engagement

If you are in the process of buying a diamond engagement ring, it is highly likely that the task is already overwhelming. Frankly, buying an engagement ring is even more daunting than getting down on one knee. A recent Wedding Wire Survey shows that grooms spend over 3 months researching the perfect ring. It is understandable that you are under pressure to get everything right for the occasion and this makes things even harder for you. In addition to the main stone and ring setting, you have to choose from among multiple engagement ring styles. Finding a style that suits your partner will leave your head spinning especially if you don’t have the right information. The bottom-line is that the ring style you choose must embody your partner’s personality, lifestyle, and style too.

This article will guide you through the different diamond engagement rings styles in the market and also highlight factors to consider when selecting the perfect ring for the occasion.

If you have already decided on a diamond ring, you are on the right path. You see, whoever said diamonds are forever was right on point. This precious stone oozes timeless beauty and never goes out of fashion. More importantly, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and if you want to dazzle your partner, this is the type of ring to buy.

Consider Ring Shape

One of the most important factors to consider before going to the ring style is the ring shape. A recent report shoes the Round diamond cut is the overwhelming favorite making over 53% of all engagement ring sales. The Princess cut follows with 30% of sales.

Consider Ring Setting

You also need to consider the setting which refers to the way the stones chose to rest on a ring. Popular ring settings include prong, solitaire, Tiffany, Bezel, tension setting, channel, pavé setting, halo, cathedral setting, bar setting, three-stone setting and vintage setting among others. Each of these settings has its unique features, pros, and cons. Make sure you talk to your jeweler in order to choose the right setting for your engagement ring.

Consider Your Partner’s Personality And Style

Choosing a ring style is the next important part of buying an engagement ring. In order to find the perfect ring style for your spouse, consider the following:

  1. The type of clothes your partner normally wears

  2. Talk to your partner’s friends about the type of ring she would love

  3. Consider the types of art and décor your partner loves

  4. Consider their lifestyle and work in order to buy a ring that is suitable

  5. Watch the type of rings your partner currently wears

  6. Plan to deftly ask questions about different ring styles say from a magazine and take mental notes

Ring Styles and Personalities

With these details, you can narrow down on the type of ring style your partner would love. Some of the general styles that match personalities include:

  • Traditional and elegant styles: These pieces offer timeless beauty

  • Stylish, bold and outgoing: For the outgoing bride who is daring in life.

  • Outdoorsy and nature loving styles: Styles that incorporate natural elements in their design

  • Romantic and vintage: Unique styles which borrow from the antique designs

  • Forward-looking/modern styles: For the modern stylish bride who appreciates new forms of fashion.

Common Engagement Ring Styles

You have to sample different ring styles in the market to find one that matches your partner’s personality. The idea is to use the information you have gathered in your research to narrow down on a ring that perfectly matches their lifestyle and personality. Take a look at some of these styles:

  • Diamond solitaire: a Simple, elegant, timeless and classic ring which however requires a high-quality diamond.

  • Three-stone setting: This style improves the sparkle of the diamonds. The smaller stones are more affordable but the ring requires special care.

  • Vintage style rings: These are timeless and glamorous rings inspired by vintage styles and are ideal for heirloom pieces. They are always fashionable, unique and chic.

  • Floral accents: Ideal for nature lovers who still appreciate latest styles. This style is easily customizable and the ring is eye-catching.

  • Fancy-cut diamonds: You can now spruce up any diamond ring with contemporary fancy cuts including cushion shape and as scher, heart-shaped, marquise cut and pear-shaped. Princess and round diamond cuts remain the most popular.

  • Split-shank: These rings look glamorous and it is easy to add deliberate designs to the shanks.

  • Double shanks: These rings are elaborate and flashy and have a glamorous feel. The diamonds sparkle more loudly on this ring style.

  • East-west setting: This style uses an oval cut diamond which adds a touch of mystery to the ring. These rings are unique and the diamond appears larger.

Working With The Best Jewelry Designer

To find the perfect engagement ring, you need to partner with a reputable and reliable jewelry designer. Seek referrals and recommendations before starting your search. Talk to the jeweler about the quality of diamonds they use (GIA certification is a must) and ask about customization opportunities.

The chosen ring style will only work if you are able to customize the entire ring in terms of size, color, setting and finishing. It is possible to bring any ring design to life when you collaborate with an established jeweler.

There are many diamond engagement rings styles out there and many grooms find choosing the best a daunting task. With these tips, however, you can now narrow down on a style that matches your partner’s personality and style. Take time to research and find the best jeweler to work with. This makes your work easier.

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