Coming Clean: 4 Cleansing Routines to Help Your Skin

Coming Clean, 4 Cleansing Routines to Help Your Skin

Sometimes you get so busy you ignore one of the most critical parts of your body. People notice your skin first when they see you, and they judge you based on your looks. You need to develop cleansing routines to protect your face. But, before you set a regular schedule, know your skin type. The following tips will guide and help you set up a cleansing routine.

What Is Your Skin Type?

The first step to having perfect skin is knowing what your skin type is. Not all skin is the same, and knowing the particularities of the skin you’re in can go a long way to helping you care for it. Here is some basic information about the most typical skin types:

How to treat combination skin

Oily Skin

If your skin is oily then it will often appear shiny and greasy. You may notice that you also have large open pores.

Dry Skin

When you have dry skin your skin may feel itchy, flaked, or cracked. This may contribute to dandruff. You probably have dry skin if you feel like you frequently see flakes of skin coming off of your arms.

Combination Skin

Not everyone falls perfectly into the categories of dry or oily skin. If you feel like you are somewhere in the middle, or that you sometimes find symptoms of both oily and dry, then you probably have combination skin. If you can’t tell which skin type is yours, assuming combination is a safe bet.

Sensitive Skin

Regardless of your skin type, you may find that specific products irritate your skin, giving you a stinging feel accompanied by a burning sensation. If you have ever had a reaction to a lotion, perfume, or other skin product you probably have sensitive skin. This simply means you need to take care to avoid products that contain chemicals to which you are sensitive.

Ideal, perfect skin type has of the above symptoms. It will appear clean and free of pimples, oil, flakes, or any other blemishes. Surprisingly, your emotional health can have a large impact on the state of your skin. If you’re seeking to achieve that perfect youthful glow, be sure to take time to attend to your emotional needs as well as following these skin care tips.

Cleanse the Makeup off Your Face

Before going to bed, remove your makeup. When doing so, think of your skin type to prevent harming it.

How to clean oily skin

Wash your face with an oil-free foaming cleanser, using warm water. After your face wash, use a toner or an astringent to remove the remaining makeup. Makeup wipes are available on the market if you want to forego the toner or astringent. Use a different remover for your eyes and lips.

How to clean dry skin

Use cleansers without alcohol or fragrances; they will add to the dryness of your skin. Give your face a gentle wash, using warm water.

How to clean sensitive skin

Use a gentle cleanser on your skin and rinse with warm water. Since you have sensitive skin, pat dry and do not rub it. The products you use should not have alcohol or fragrances. Soaps will irritate your skin. Use products with chamomile, aloe, or green tea.

How to treat combination skin

Use a non-irritating soap or face wash to clean your skin without scrubbing. Use warm water to rinse and pat dry your skin.

Moisturizing Your Skin

How to treat combination skin - skin care routines

It does not matter what skin type you have. You still need to moisturize it. The process prevents your skin from drying out. Always moisturize every day. For oily or acne-prone skin, use a mild and oil-free cleanser to avoid blocking pores. When applying the moisturizer, do it upward in a circular motion. Also, you can rub the moisturizer in the palm of your hands and put it on your skin in gentle motions.


Skin experts recommend you get rid of flaky cells once or twice per week. Refusing to do so may cause skin damage. When removing dead skin cells, be gentle, using soft movements. Apply the scrub to your skin and then wash it off with a soft sponge. If you suffer from acne or skin breakouts, avoid exfoliating.

Sunscreen Protection

Even if your moisturizer has sunscreen, use a separate sunscreen for added protection. The sun may damage your skin if unprotected. Your sunscreen should have UVA and UVB with an SPF of at least 30. The experts want you to wear sunscreen every day regardless of sun or clouds.

If you want to stay looking young and healthy, cleanse your face regularly. Know your skin type before following a daily routine. Before going to bed, take off the makeup and moisturize your skin to prevent it from drying out. Exfoliate to clear away dead cells and wear a sunscreen regardless of the weather. You can also look into companies like NuSkin and similar businesses that have product lines designed to help keep your skin healthy and young. Treat your skin right, and it will last and look great.

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