Common Jewelry Mistakes To Avoid

Common Jewelry Mistakes To Avoid

Jewelry has evolved tremendously over the years. But the central idea behind jewelry has stayed the same- adornment. Jewelry is worn to shift more attention to the wearer and not to itself. The kind of jewelry you wear should match your match personality and each other. It should blend with your entire look and not stand out. It should not be the centre of attention of your appearance but only one of the highlights.

We love to wear jewelry but sometimes we make certain mistakes that completely ruin our look. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when wearing jewelry.

Wearing too much jewelry

Excess of anything is bad and when it comes to jewelry, it is horrendous. Wearing too much jewelry is one of the biggest eye sore. Remember to KISS- Keep It Simple, Silly! Layering yourself with multiples chains, bracelets and mixing up beads and metals, it is a fashion nightmare! It is the age of minimal.  Keep in mind, less is more.

Not complimenting your outfit

Your jewelry should complement the clothes that you’re wearing

Not complimenting your outfitand not overshadow them. The kind of jewelry you choose should have a similar vibe as that of your clothes. Wear a pearl or diamond necklace with a silk blouse instead of big, chunky wooden necklaces. Wear a leather bracelet with an athletic outfit instead of a pearl bracelet. Try to understand the look that you’re aiming for and what type of jewelry will augment it.

Noisy jewelry

One reason that people avoid jewelry is because it creates noise. What they do not understand is that it is in fact not supposed to make noise. If it is, they have probably picked the wrong one or layered too much. Wearing layers of beads or wooden bracelets that clank and ever hand movement you make is plain irritating. When it comes to bracelet, they should be chosen with care because they must not hinder your hand movement. Same goes for necklaces as well. Too many or too heavy will wear you down.

Uncoordinated materials

Noisy jewelryThere are so many jewelry material, gold, silver, wood, gemstones, beads, shells, pearls etc. But how to decide which goes with which? Jewelry designers understand the compatibility of these materials and pair them accordingly. You should try to do the same and avoid making mistakes like wearing shells with diamonds.

Disproportionate size

Here I would like to reiterate that the jewelry you wear should complement your appearance. Some someone with a small stature, heavy chains and necklaces will make you look smaller. Avoid broad chains and select petite necklaces. For someone who is tall and has extra weight, a thin chain with a tiny locket will make you look bigger. You should probably wear something that covers your upper body like a long heavy necklace.

No central piece

Even if you chose to wear multiple pieces of jewelry, you should have one central piece while the others can act as peripherals. Wearing two three similar sized necklaces with earrings and multiple bangles will create a mess. You sure don’t want that to happen. You can wear a signature necklace with a single bracelet and ditch the earrings. This will not make you look loaded and your appearance will be well balanced.

Wearing jewelry is not that difficult. You should give it as much importance as you give to you clothes. The way you take time to match textures and colours of what you want to wear, pay similar attention in detailing the jewelry that you will wear. Just that extra amount of effort can add stars to your look.


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