Types of Cosmetic Injections Explained


Our skin condition plays a vital role in determining our physical appearance, and it can also be used to predict our age limits. As we grow older, our facial appearance changes and we start developing wrinkles and laugh lines. But this situation can change if you try anti-aging procedures such as cosmetic injections, which makes your facial skin appear youthful thus, restoring your confidence.

Cosmetic injections are injectable substances that are used to reduce the facial wrinkles and lines. When injected into the skin, they change the facial appearance or even the skin structure. Two main types of cosmetic injectable substances are used in cosmetic injections. Botulinum toxin type A is responsible for relaxing the facial muscles whereas and Dermal fillers helps in plumping out the wrinkles. Cosmetic injections are divided into four categories which include neuromodulators, Fillers, Biostimulators, and fat modulators.

The use of cosmetic injectable has gained a lot of popularity since they are safe and involve minimal invasion as compared to the traditional plastic surgery. With so many varieties of cosmetic injectable on the market today, you can find it hard in determining the best cosmetic injection that can work perfectly for you.

Neuromodulators (Freezers)

As the name suggests, freezers are cosmetic injectable that is used to freeze out facial wrinkles and lines. They are used to temporarily treat wrinkles and facial lines that occur on your face when you laugh or frown. Freezers prevent the release of acetylcholine, a nerve signal chemical that initiates the muscle movements on your face. The most commonly used neuromodulators include Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin.

When applied, patients start to experience the difference within three or five days. It has also been proven that freezers work as preventative injectable and one can use them to prevent the deepening of wrinkles and lines.

What are Benefits of using Neuromodulators?

  • Freezers help you treat wrinkles and laugh lines
  • They are used to treat facial asymmetry
  • Eyelid spasms or lazy eyes
  • They prevent excessive sweating
  • They control muscle spasticity


Filler injectable or dermal fillers are used to add the volume of the skin, which in turn fills up the wrinkle lines. Fillers lead to a smoother, younger and beautiful face, hands and neck. The common types of fillers are hyaluronic acid and collagen building biostimulators.

They are administered and applied to various facial and head areas such as around the eyes, jaws, and lips depending with the intended results. Once administered, you will start seeing the results almost instantly, and you will experience their impact for six to two years. The duration is subject to the type of injectable as well as the area injected.

Benefits of Fillers

Using fillers can help you treat the following skin conditions:

  • Filling the wrinkles and lines around your eyes, forehead, and mouth
  • Helps in treating scars on the skin
  • Helps in the enhancement of jawline, cheeks, and lip volume

Biostimulators (Collagen-building)

Collagen injections are widely used to treat facial skin imperfections such as laugh lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Besides, biostimulators help the body to build its collagen, a natural protein that is found in the bone, skin, and cartilage or tendons. Skin collagen plays an essential role in skin strengthening and elasticity. Over the years, the collagen levels go down, and your skin starts to wrinkle and sag. Collagen building injectable is used to counter this skin aging effects by supplementing the low levels of collagen as well as helping the body build its collagen.

Biostimulators are administered to help patients achieve full volume lines, wrinkles, and lips. If you have started noticing mild smile lines around your mouth, lines on your forehead, or contours, an injectable collagen treatment will restore your outer glory. The two common products used for collagen building are Sculptra and Radiesse.

When performing the cosmetic procedures, two types of collagen building fillers are usually used. They include bovine fillers and human-based fillers. The choice to use either of the two fillers depends on factors such as the patient body reaction, composition, desired results, and price. The effects of biostimulators can last for one to two years.

Benefits of Collagen Injections

  • It helps patients add volume to the facial wrinkles, lips and laugh lines. It has been used for decades now to help patient replenish their skin suppleness thus, maintaining their youthful look.
  • The treatment method is safe and faster as there is no surgery needed
  • It helps the body build its collagen, which rejuvenates your youthful appearance
  • It also helps in treating acne and giving your skin a smooth texture

Fat modulators (Dissolvers)

Fat modulators help you eliminate the “double chin” problem. The injectable works by dissolving the submental fats below the chin. Kybella is approved to enhance this type of cosmetic treatment. It comprises a synthetic deoxycholic acid that helps in breaking down and destroying fat cells below the chin. Once the fat cells are damaged, they can no longer store and accumulate fats. This eventually boosts your submental appearance giving you more confidence.

Dissolvers are administered through injection, and you can get customized treatment depending on your desired results. The results of Kybella treatment are permanent, and you will no longer experience double chin issues.

Benefits of Fat Modulators

  • Fat dissolvers help in reducing the appearance of one’s double chin
  • The cosmetic treatment is faster and safe since it does not involve any surgery
  • Improves your physical appearance thus, instilling more confidence
  • It also helps in strengthening and tightening the skin of the neck

Although cosmetic injections are safe, fast and more accessible to administer, it is highly advisable that you seek help from a qualified and licensed cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist to get the right treatment option that will suit your body. The Glasgold Group, led by Dr. Mark Glasgold, MD, specializes in various forms of cosmetic procedures. They have offices in Princeton, NJ area.

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