Creative Bridal Shower Ideas 2017


Live streaming allows couples to bring their wedding ceremony and reception into the homes of out-of-town loved ones that might have been unable to attend the special day. However, live streaming capabilities also provide aid to out-of-town bridesmaids, allowing them to be closer to the bride for important wedding parties like a bridal shower.

Most maids-of-honor are tasked with planning the bridal shower, but out-of-town logistics may pose problematic for planning. When a maid-of-honor lives overseas or too far from the bride—or if the bride lives far from her closest friends—buying plane tickets to every wedding event is an expensive impossibility. But live streaming allows out of town bridesmaids to host, attend and share in the excitement of the bridal shower without being physically present…and without busting their budget.

While a virtual bridal shower might sound complicated, taking a shower virtual only requires web cams, streaming capabilities and imagination. Often, virtual bridal showers are hosted as their own separate party…and the invite list typically includes only out-of-town guests. Ready to plan a virtual shower? Here’s everything you need to know:

Creative Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning Details

Like live streaming a wedding, a virtual shower must have its own address where the event will be streamed and viewed. This address needs to be provided to all guests on the invite, so they know exactly how to link in. The bride is still the guest of honor for the party, so the main location must be a physical location accessible to her…typically her house or a parent or friend’s house. The physical party location also can include a few local friends and family if the bride prefers, and there needs to be decor. Bridesmaids or the maid of honor should send fun decorations to a local friend to help the bride decorate the backdrop of the event. Since the event is filmed, keep decorations classic and tasteful.

The Guest List

Local friends and family shouldn’t be on the invite list for a virtual shower, as they can attend the other in-person showers (many brides often have more than one shower). However, if this is the only shower, expand the list to include even in-town guests. For a purely virtual event, send invites via email or other electronic delivery methods.


The bride still needs to be fed! She is the guest of honor! Send the bride a small cake for her to cut and show off at the party. Let her have fun as she’s broadcasting in front of all the guests. Sending a box of her favorite candy also provides a sweet touch…opt for sour gummies, M&Ms in the wedding colors and a selection of her most irresistible treats.

creative bridal shower ideas


Have guests ship all presents to the bride’s preferred location. She can unwrap them live and show off all her new wares…or romantic wears. Make sure to create a schedule for the party, so the bride knows what comes next.

Virtual Shower Etiquette

Glamour captured the perfect nightmare virtual bridal shower…and the magazine perfectly points out how a virtual event should NOT be organized. Sending a virtual bridal shower invite with nothing more than a link to the registry is an etiquette no-no. A virtual shower does not just mean sending an invite to send a gift. Guests should be part of the event, and they should experience the party as they would in real life.

The same etiquette rules also apply to virtual bridal showers as they would a typical ‘in-person’ bridal shower. Do not push the registry to guests. Registry information should be shared only via word of mouth. If they ask, tell them where the bride is registered…but never print the registry on the invite. Also, do not request money. Yes, honeymoon funding is popular. However, asking for money on an invite is terribly tacky.

Of course, always remember to send a handwritten ‘thank you…’ Never go virtual for a thank you note…no emails, no texting and no social media thank you posts. Handwrite that note!

Virtual bridal showers allow for all guests living out-of-town to attend a bridal shower without paying for gas or a plane ticket. Bridesmaids who wish to take a shower virtual should plan ahead and make sure the bride is on board with the idea. Some guests might be confused when they receive the invite, so be clear how the event will play out and how guests must access the livestreaming site. Most of all, though, just make sure guests have fun…keep the party moving and make sure all virtual guests feel welcome!


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