Effective Ways to Transform from Greasy to Sassy Hair

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Being sassy shouldn’t really be difficult. Even the most average-looking lass can do something about her hair to look really stunning. However, if you’ve got a rather greasy or oil hair, transforming it into a sassy one may require the assistance of a professional hair and beauty stylist. This hair care professional not only can take care of your greasy hair, she can also transform it into one amazing hairstyle that will surely get the crowd talking about it. The good thing is that aside from this hair and beauty expert, there are other effective ways to transform from greasy to sassy hair. Here are some of them.

Shampoo your hair no more frequent than every other day 

It is true that shampooing is essentially beneficial in preventing greasy and oily hair. It removes all the natural oils that are produced by the scalp and lathered onto every shaft of your hair while also washing away dirt and debris that may irritate the scalp and lead to inflammatory reactions. In such reactions, nutrients and oxygen to hair cells may be affected, leading to increased hair damage and breakage. That is why you really have to shampoo every day, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. It’s true that you’re stripping the hair of oils. However, since these oils are naturally produced by your scalp, the glands that produce them will only step up the production and secretion of these natural oils. Why? Well, it senses that there is no more oil in the hair shafts prompting it to produce more oil. Technically, the more frequent you shampoo the more natural oils that are stripped from the hair shaft the more natural oils that will be produced to replenish these lost oils. So, it’s a vicious cycle.

If you really want to transform your greasy hair into something sassy, then you should reduce the frequency of shampooing. Otherwise, you are simply creating a vicious cycle.

Keep your hands off your hair 

We know how soft your hair feels on your hands. Unfortunately, your hands also have natural oils that can be rubbed against or transferred onto the shafts of your hair. This significantly increases the amount of natural lipids present in your crowning glory such that it tends to become substantially greasy. Another mechanism that runs into play whenever you touch your hair is that it also helps stimulate your scalp to produce even more natural oils. When you run your fingers through your hair, you are essentially creating pressure on the scalp. This is enough stimulation for the cells in the scalp to produce natural lipids. As such, it is best to keep your hands off your hair. Your beauty and hair stylist can actually create a style that will help minimize handling of your crown.

Try washing your crown in reverse

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Everyone knows the importance of applying moisturizers onto our scalp as well as hair. Sadly, if you already have an issue with greasy locks, then this will simply make your crown even oilier. One way to address this is by reversing the process of washing and moisturizing the hair. Instead of applying your favorite hair conditioner last, this will have to go first followed by a rinse, shampoo, and then rinse again. Technically, you are leaving just enough oils onto your crown so that the scalp will not keep on producing more grease. At the same time, you still get to clean your crown thoroughly. You can try a variety of natural moisturizers to put onto your scalp.

Consider applying hair rinse made from natural herbs 

You may not believe in the power of natural ingredients, but there are some that have been proven by science to be especially effective against greasy locks. Natural herbal hair rinses can effectively nourish your scalp and locks while preventing the abnormally unusual production of natural oils. Additionally, these rinses can provide your crowning glory with the body that will help transform it into one sassy hairstyle. You can try making a hair rinse out of a combination of nettle, lemon, sage, green tea, and even rosemary.

Replace your pillowcase at least once a week 

Do you know how long you stay in your bed with your head over your pillow? Now imagine all the oils on your hair and scalp being transferred to your pillow case and you don’t even want to change or replace it. Chances are, even if you did manage to reduce the oiliness of your locks, if you are not going to change your pillowcase, then you are essentially cycling back to square one. So, make it a habit to replace it at least weekly.

Taking care of your greasy hair is quite easy. Just consider these tips and you should be well on your way to transforming your greasy locks into amazingly sassy hair.

Terry Shin is the director and owner of a top-notch Melbourne hair salon. He has been in the hairdressing industry for more than 10 years and has served satisfied thousands of satisfied clients.



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