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Nothing is better than managing to do with what you already have, and this is especially true when it comes to everyday beauty hacks. Too many products and tools on the market these days can give you a headache, and not to mention the styles and trends which put you to shame. Full brows, healthy hair, lavish lips are just some of the things rocking the beauty world which require genetic predisposition and you usually lack in that department.

But in the world of beauty products, there are those which if combined with some skill can give you exactly what you wish for. And some can even create what you’re missing like brows or lashes with only a few hacks.

Beauty Hacks for Hair – Smooth and Glossy Look

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Good looking hair is probably the most wanted beauty attribute any woman wants to have. And the glossy hair is the sign of healthy hair say the experts. Too many chemicals on the hair especially from hair dye and regular styling it with dryers can have negative effects like dehydration and split ends. On the other hand, if your hair gets oily fast and loses its volume than the only way to make it look good is through frequent shampooing. If you choose the right product intended for daily use, you can wash it every day and still have that healthy, attractive look.

For those who suffer from dull and dry hair, experts advise using the conditioner or mask after shampooing and then rinsing your hair with cooler water for five or more minutes. This beauty hack for your hair will make it glossy and over time it will be healthier. The proper care is all your hair needs to make it look great and there are some natural tricks to get you there, too. Eggs, beer or coconut oil are some of the products you can apply on your hair at least once a week and let it sit for several minutes before rinsing it off.

Stylish Rich brows but you lack thickness

Different brow trends over the years have made them lose their thickness with constant plucking, and now you have quite a problem with gaining that full arches. Not to mention that of us couldn’t grow them that rich even if we don’t touch them for six months. To gain that trendy look you want, you’ll have to befriend some of the products created to define and turn them into Cara Delevingne’s popular brows. Firstly, you have to refrain from plucking or waxing them all the time, but rather choose an appropriate, soft light to do it right and avoid over-grooming them.

Using products like shadow, gel, pencil, mascara or marker specifically designed for eyebrows you can create the perfect and desired look. Just make sure you choose the right colour and be patient with yourself at the beginning until you learn to do it in a matter of minutes. For those of you seeking for more lasting effects, apparently, microblading is all the rage these days among the Hollywood stars. And also, if you’re patient enough you can try some of the serums and nourishing oils, as well as Latisse the medication available on by prescription and applied directly to your brows.

Beauty Hacks for Eyes – Dramatic look for even the smaller eyes

Beauty Hacks - Enhance Your EyesWe all sigh from longing when we see a woman with seductive eyes, something we think if far-fetched for us having smaller and tiny ones. But if anything was perfected by the beauty industry, that’s how to make your eyes look anything but your own. Beauty experts say that all eyes can enjoy that dramatic and sexy smoky effect if only you apply the right colours and eyeshadows on upper and lower lids. Dark shadows should be avoided since they will define the size, but rather use softer colours like dark bronze to create the smoky eye look.

To create the dramatic look you’ll also have to attend to your lashes, which can be a problem if you’re not naturally inclined to have long and thick one, something actually lacking by most of the women. Another beauty hack for your eyes is to use a more permanent solution like Lash Blossom semi permanent eyelash extensions or the temporary one by putting on the fake ones every time you apply your makeup. A good mascara is something no eye makeup can go without, and investing in quality one will prevent your lashes from falling out and get damaged.

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/cTKGZJTMJQU

In the end

Before depressing about not having something movie stars and models have in abundance, keep in mind that their look is almost always a little bit corrected in the picture editing software. Many women decide to go ahead with enhancing their bodies through breast enhancement for reasons apart from simply to enlarge their chest. Maybe to attain symmetry between their breasts or even to gain a more youthful looking silhouette. Either way there is nothing wrong in it if the procedure gives their self esteem a much needed boost. Bear in mind that it’s our differences that make us special, not being clones of one another. So, check your makeup kit and solutions which will help you enhance your look and yet still keep some features which are only your own.

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