Food for Anxiety, Depression and Stress Relief

Food for Anxiety, Depression and Stress Relief

Anxiety, depression, and stress are no laughing matters. These are serious illnesses that should never be ignored. Statistics say that we will most likely have a person in our lives that will suffer from any of these conditions, and chances are high that even we can get them. This stems from the fact that today’s world is incredibly fast-paced. You don’t have time for rest; well, most of the people don’t at least. Work is stressful because your boss might not be happy with something, so he dumps all of his negativity on you, straining you even further.

So what can a human from this day and age do to make their lives better? What can you do about anxiety, stress, or depression? Well, you shouldn’t worry since there are a lot of things which you can do! One of these things is exercise. Exercise stimulates our brains to release extra chemicals, amongst which are adrenaline and serotonin. These chemicals in combination make you feel better and more relaxed.

If you aren’t keen on working out, we’ve prepared a list of great and healthy foods that will help you fight anxiety, depression, or stress!

Food items to avoid when you are in depression or anxiety

Let’s start by mentioning foods which are terrible for you if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety. These foods should be avoided at all cost since they only enhance the negative effects and make you feel even worse. These food items are easy to pick up since they are appealing and you think that they’ll make you better. The truth is very different, and by following the idea that it’s all going to be okay thanks to these foods, you might end up in a much worse state than before.

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Alcohol is considered a very bad choice because it influences your nervous system in a bad way. It causes you to get drunk and while in this state, your memory, processing power, thoughts, and various other things get blurred and you can become aggressive and dangerous. Combine it with depression and anxiety, and you’ve got yourself a ticking time bomb.

Sugary drinks

Pop drinks, or sugary drinks, have a bad reputation. They are incredibly unhealthy and contain a lot of sugar. Sugar isn’t good for you in those amounts and will cause your state to worsen. Avoid them!


Caffeine might be healthy, but it’s addicting. If you start drinking coffee or using caffeine during your illness, you’ll end up drinking far above the allowed amount. Plus, it won’t make you feel better. Coffee makes you awake, so if you have anxiety, you might end up having a panic attack.


Spicy food

Spicy food is healthy but in normal amounts. However, once your body has certain issues, it can’t sustain the amount of spiciness that you give it. Two hot peppers might be perfect for you on normal days but during periods of depression and anxiety – not so good.


Candy will only make you feel good for a short time before making you feel even worse. On top of that, you won’t know how to stop so you might even gain a lot of weight.

Food items that help manage depression and anxiety

Leafy greens

The best leafy green for fighting depression and anxiety is Spinach. Spinach helps because it contains Magnesium which is crucial in regulating cortisol levels. In short, Spinach makes you feel great!

Leafy greens

Stress causes our cells to become damaged. In order to fix this damage and repair the cells, our body uses Vitamin C (which is why it’s good for fighting diseases). Berries in general and blueberries specifically have a lot of Vitamin C, so a handful of these will be quite enough.

Walnuts are rich in Vitamin E, Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and folate. All of these ingredients help you fight anxiety and depression. They are also great because they improve overall brain health which can cause you to have better cognitive abilities.



There are a large number of teas out there, but they all have one common effect – calming you down. Drinking a cup of tea is relaxing and helps your body regenerate. Not to mention the positive effects that different teas have!

Lemon balm

It’s said that lemon balm helps fight anxiety and makes it easier for people with it to live their lives normally. It has a calming effect. Adding to that, a 600mg dose of lemon balm helps increase calmness and overall awareness in adults that have been exposed to stress.

Lemon balm


Salmon contains massive amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which help control the body’s adrenaline and cortisol levels. If you’re especially stressed out, consider adding salmon to your diet to help out!



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