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There are literally thousands of hairstyles to choose from for the most important day of your life—your wedding day. Here are some guidelines that may help you to choose a hairstyle based on the type and appearance of your wedding gown’s neckline and style. Have fun selecting the best hairstyles for your wedding day.

Asymmetrical Dresses

asymmetrical dress hairstyle

A dress that has one shoulder on it normally has some sort of adornment on the sleeve. This is called an asymmetrical dress. A hairstyle that is anchored on the opposite side as the strap evens out the style, such as an off center chignon or brushed out curls that are twisted to that side and loosely pinned.

Bateau Dresses

bateau dress hairstyle

This type of wedding gown has the neckline at either the collarbone or above it. This demure look looks glamorous with a clean and sophisticated updo. An updated French braid twist is perfect for this gown. Gather the hair at the crown and twist it downward then wrap it into a chignon and the bottom. Instead, you can choose a low bun to accentuate your dress.

High Neck Gowns

high neck dress - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Wedding gowns with a high neckline both in the front and the back call for an updo for the neck to be visible. A stylish updo is to make a part on one side of your head and create two French braids with one going straight back and the other running asymmetrically on top of your head. Twist both of them together in the back and pin it at the nape of your neck.

Illusion Wedding Dress

half up half down illusion dress - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

The illusion neckline has a very sheer fabric that starts at the bustline and extends upward to the collar of the dress. If the illusion portion of your dress is embellished with embroidery or beads, you want to wear your hair swept up in an updo so that the detailing can still be seen. If the illusion area is not decorative, a half up and half down works well. Have your stylist tease your hair from the front to the crown to build volume and twist this hair into a mini bun. Curl the rest of the length of your hair to make it full and bouncy.

Off the Shoulder Dress

bob hairstyle off-shoulder - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Dresses that have an off the shoulder neckline show your collarbone above the neckline. The most complementary hairstyle for this dress type is a faux bob. No, you don’t need to have your hair cut, but instead have it curled and tuck sections in under your neck in several sections and secure them with bobby pins. Finish by loosening the curls with your hands so they frame your face.

Scoop Neck Gowns

scoop neck - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Gowns with a scoop neck often have ornate details on the bodice. A bohemian hairstyle sweeps your hair up so that all the dress detailing can be seen. A single braid in the back that is upswept and twisted before securing it to your head is a great adornment to match this type of wedding dress.

Strapless Wedding Gowns

strapless dress - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

Strapless wedding dresses provide the perfect opportunity to wear your hair down in glorious waves. Ask your stylist to part your hair on one side, make long curls with a curling iron and then slightly brush the curls out for volume. You may want to add a silk flower to secure the hair on the side of the part.

V-Neck Dresses

v-neck beachwaves - Hairstyles For Your Wedding

This style draws the eye to an elongated figure. To complement lean and long lines, wear your hair down in loose curls with a side part or in beach waves to make you look even longer and slimmer.

This guide will help you with ideas for the best hairstyle possible on your wedding day according to your gown. This will be the most important day of your life and you want it to be perfect, so you may now have one less thing to worry about.

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