Health Benefits Of Hot Tubs And How To Purchase one


Hot tubs have long since been known for their recreational purposes. But what may not be known are the benefits they can provide for those with medical conditions or other health related issues. While many utilize hot tubs for a nice relaxing soak after a long day at work, others have found that this activity can improve some of the ailments they suffer from various health problems. In fact, Candido Jacuzzi developed the first hot tub with this exact intent. His son suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. In an attempt to soothe his son’s aching hands, he created the first hot tub as a therapeutic device. By combining the movement and heat of the water, he created not only a device that offers pleasure and relaxation, but also relief from muscle aches and pains.

Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

Ease Muscle Soreness

Often used by athletes, hot tubs create an environment in which muscles can loosen and move freely. The heat of the water acts similarly to a heating pad which can help to relieve sore muscles. The messaging action of the water jets lessens the tension in tight muscles and can reduce the pain in these areas. The buoyancy of being in the water allows the body to move without friction and therefore lets muscles stretch and joints to move smoothly. Those who suffer from conditions that cause chronic pain can also benefit from the effects of a hot tub. Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are examples of conditions where pain may be alleviated with this type of therapy.

Reduce Arthritis Pain

The effects of arthritis can be debilitating. The joint pain associated with this disease can be reduced by soaking in a hot tub. Similar to the affects it has on muscles soreness, the warmth and movement of the water can help to relieve the pain for arthritis sufferers. Light exercises can easily be performed while in the hot tub because of the buoyancy it creates. Occasional use of a hot tub as therapy can also lead to reduced pain while performing normal daily activities.

Improve Heart Health

When soaking in a hot tub, the warmth from the water has a positive effect on circulation and blood pressure. The heat causes blood flow to increase by dilating the blood vessels. By doing so, this decreases blood pressure and improves overall circulation throughout the body. These effects have been known to decrease the risk for heart attacks and strokes. Those who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure should consult their physician prior to using a hot tub due to its effects on blood pressure and the circulatory system.

Improving Sleep

The warm and soothing effects of a hot tub can work wonders for those with an inability to sleep properly. Stress related tension can be eased by spending a short time in a hot tub before heading to bed. The warmth of the water and the massaging jets can help to relieve muscle tension and make getting a good night’s rest a little easier. Those with insomnia may find that after relaxing in a hot tub for about 15 minutes before bed, their sleepless nights may decrease.

Type 2 Diabetes Patients

Those with Type 2 diabetes may be prescribed hot tub therapy as a part of their treatment. This therapy can help to increase quality of sleep, help aid in exercise which in turn assists in the weight loss process and have a lowering effect on their blood sugar levels.

All of these effects can also be beneficial for those who are not currently suffering from a medical condition, but wish to improve their overall health.

How To Go About Purchasing A Hot Tub?

When shopping for hot tubs, there are a few key areas that most consumers look for. Here you’ll learn about common mistakes that most consumers make when making a hot tub purchase.

Putting Price over Quality – Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to save money by sacrificing quality.

You don’t want your hot tub to be too cheap—it may in up costing you more in the future in maintenance and repair fees in the future. You’ll need to be willing to invest in something that will last more than a few days or years. It isn’t so impressive to get a hot tub just to have one and a big mistake that consumers usually make is to go for the one’s that attract eyes with their low prices.

The materials used in building the hot tub should be reliable and of high quality. There are many hot tub variants that inflate, fold up, and even compress to be easily stored away. The actual quality in the materials used in these types of hot tubs is hidden by their seemingly convenient features.  In reality, these hot tubs are cheap, but won’t last more than two or years before needing a new one. If you’re serious about investing in a good hot tub, then it may be best to avoid the plastic fold-up variants. Good materials in hot tubs include roto-molded plastic or acrylic since hot tubs that are built with these as a base tend to last a lifetime.

In addition to the materials used in the overall basin of the hot tub, the materials used and features available in the jets are just as important. Whether their eurojets or adjustable jests, they need to be made from high quality plastic or metals in order to last a lifetime—even if the basin is of an above average quality, all would be for naught if it turns out that the jets fail due to their subpar quality.

Buying into the Advertisement – Buying the hot tub you’ve seen on TV or in a showroom may not always be the best choice.

Simply buying well known branded hot tub can increase the price of hot tubs. If it has a commercial, for example, it’s a good indicator that a good chunk of your money is going towards paying for said commercial. Most of the time, however, just because a hot tub brand uses an expensive means to advertise doesn’t mean that its quality bests those that don’t use such advertisements.

However, not all popular brands are bad—if you’re having trouble making a decision, choosing a popular brand could be to your advantage as their would probably be more support and feel more trustworthy.  Researching in order to become more aware of your decisions, however, is most important. Don’t let reviews and commercials be the only factors that decide your hot tub mistakes.

In addition to magazine and TV commercials, you’ll also probably decide to take a trip to a showroom for a hands-on experience before buying. You may even be tempted and even offered the chance to literally test one out. Be aware, however, that many of these showrooms contain extras that aren’t included in your hot tub purchase, which leads us to the next mistake—buying too many accessories.

Aesthetic Overload – Buying too many accessories for your hot tub could result in double the overall price.

There are many things that can be bought to help improve the environment around the hot tub, but do you really need them? Ranging from TVs to waterfalls, some of these extra features could make your hot tub the talk of the town and could have everyone wanting to take a visit to your hot tub. However, one needs to consider what they will be using the hot tub for—is this going to be a place where you plan on relaxing with your eyes closed, or will this be a place where most of the party ends up?

Before you decide to buy another TV for your hot tub, be sure to come to a clear decision as to what you really need and don’t need in a hot tub. Also, keep in mind that the accessories placed in and around a hot tub are prone to deterioration due to exposure heat and water vapor. It would be extra work to clean the mildew off that electronic hot tub headrest or have to call a repairman to fix those underwater strobe lights after an accident.

In order to keep your overall bill down, make sure the extra accessories that you plan on putting near your hot tub are things that you plan on using even alone. If you’re on a strict budget, then it may be best to save the aesthetic features for last or even later.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Purchase

To summarize, here a few things that will greatly help in the hot tub decision making process:

  • Look for what others are saying. What better opinions could you have on a specific hot tub if not from the people who have purchased it themselves! Look around and read reviews, because chances are, a hand full of bad reviews could save you the time and trouble by stopping you from buying what you may have thought was the right hot tub for you. However, don’t take the reviews too serious—if you’re too scared to purchase a hot tub due to one or two unsatisfied customer experiences, you’ll probably get close to nowhere. In addition, know how to tell a fake reviews from real ones as you would imagine that some companies would take advantage of our customer review dependence to exploit our trust.
  • Research. Since one of the more dangerous mistakes when it comes to hot tub purchasing would be to buy in impulse, you’ll need to do quite of lot of research on the hot tub you have in mind before purchasing. Never assuming a hot tub comes with features or was made with certain materials unless the product description specifically says so. A majority of unsatisfied customers tend to buy hot tubs expecting certain features that were never advertised. If there is something that you expected it to have, go the extra mile towards finding out if it even has such a feature.
  • Try it before you buy it. If there’s a showcase room available for the hot tub you have in mind, it doesn’t hurt to try it. However, it is always best to decide on which hot tub you would like to purchase since trying it first will be like trying ice cream for the first time. If you’ve done your research and then try it afterwards, there could be something that you didn’t expect that could save you time and money.

Hope this guide helps all you hot tub lovers and soon to be hot tub lovers.

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