Here’s why Jogger Pants Are Striking A Chord With The Millennials

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The apparel industry has gone through a revolution over the past couple of years. The overwhelming credit for jogger pants replacing denim as the conventional go-to bottom of selection is because of the millennial generation. The millennials have not only embraced jogger pants, but also sweatshirts, hoodies, and leggings which come under the “leisurewear” or “athleisure” clothing line. Many designers and retailers have taken inspiration from the new trend and ramped up their collection of active wear that is not specifically for exercising. According to fashion experts, jogger pants are the next best trend to happen to millennials. Jogger pants are tapered sweatpants that are more pleasant to wear without giving a shabby appeal.

Nowadays, millennials have become more aware of the fashion trends and are inclined towards buying clothes that are both comfortable and trendy. They want to spend less on generic clothes like T-shirt and denim but are willing to pay money for active wear or athleisure clothes. According to a report by NPD Group (formerly known as National Purchase Diary Panel Inc.), active wear accounts for about 17% of the apparel market in the US. The likelihood of the reach of active wear expanding is high. Brands like Gap and FOREVER 21 have also introduced their athleisure wear to meet growing customer demands.

What Is Athleisure And How It Is Affecting The Millennials?

Athleisure refers to stylish yet comfortable clothes not just for exercise purpose but day-to-day wear. Since the millennial generation wants to keep it casual without changing their style, they don’t wish to wear uncomfortable clothes and put too much effort to create a look. This is where jogger pants come into the picture. These are the perfect cut and fit for a millennial who wants effortless dressing. The consumers don’t want ill-fitting, lumpy bottoms anymore. They want jogger pants that are form-fitted just like regular pants but much more comfortable. Millennials are powering through the sales and spending a lot more money on jogger pants, and that has set the “athleisure” fashion style.

So you must be wondering are jogger pants in style in 2018? Let’s take a look at why are jogger pants are such a hit among the millennials:

They Are Super Comfortable

are jogger pants in style 2018Unlike denim, jogger pants are not fitted. You can walk around comfortably without having to think about the restriction that comes with jeans. Jogger pants don’t look dull, and you can easily transition from day to night wearing them. To give an example, you can wear your jogger pants with a cold shoulder blouse for the day and transform the look for the night by teaming the same outfit with a lace cover-up or a ruffled jacket and a layered necklace for a bold look.

You Can Wear Jogger Pants With Anything

Jogger pants look great with anything, be it a dressy blouse, a sweatshirt with hood or a printed T-shirt. You can team it with anything in your wardrobe and be good to go. The best part about having a pair of joggers is that you can wear it for multiple days without having to switch the bottom.

You can Wear It for Formal And Casual Events Alike

With jeans and skirts, you can only wear them to specific events, but with jogger pants, you can practically wear them anywhere. Jogger pants are so versatile that you can wear it when you are going to the office, grocery store, heading to the gym, or when you are just lazing around with your friends. They are good enough to be worn during any season be it summer or winters.

Jogger Pants Come In Various Designs, Colors And Styles

Bottoms like jeans and pants come in dull colors like blue and black, but jogger pants come in various patterns and colors. To nail the jogger pants look for every occasion, wear the appropriate color/pattern for different settings. For example, bright-colored patterns and prints are more suitable for working out, while neutral or black shades are better suited for everyday affairs or events that don’t require you to dress up. For a night out, you can team your crop top with sequinned jogger pants to create a fun look.

They look Great On Every Occasion

A large number jogger pants are black/navy, so they essentially look more reformed than denim when you are trying to achieve a dressy outfit. You can wear jogger pants with a formal shirt or sports bra, and you will still look stylish like a diva.

The athleisure trend will continue to flourish in the coming time, and major brands will continue to expand their collection of jogger pants and other comfortable clothing lines. Not only big brands but new start-ups are also giving a variety of quality products with affordable pricing to the consumers. It comes down to how well a brand understands its consumers and provide the best possible product. Millennials don’t just spend money on jogger pants because they are comfortable and practical, but also because it helps them showcase their personal style.

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