Holiday 2017: Gift Guide For Him & Her


Worried what gift to get for your special one? Were here to help you with your occasional shopping needs whether it is his/her birthday, valentines day, Christmas or whatever . Rather you’re buying for him or her, here’s some great gift suggestions. Plus some of these can double as gifts for the family!

For Him

  1. Fly Kicks – Some guys serious sneaker heads, so regardless of any holiday you know you can do no wrong with a pair of sneakers. He might actually want this exact pair of Nike Air Foamposite One “Stealth” for Christmas. If your guy isn’t into sneakers, get him a great pair of wingtips. I love ones from Cole Haan!
  2. Travel Bag – Rather he’s trucking across campus or jet-setting, make sure he does it in style. A great backpack like the one above can hold his laptop, camera, or even a day’s worth of clothing for those random day trips.
  3. Smell Good – What’s better than a good smelling man? I bought my boyfriend this exact cologne form YSL and he loves it! TIP: If he doesn’t have a favorite scent, purchase something YOU wouldn’t mind smelling while you’re cuddled up with him, that’s what I did! (;
  4. Great Music – Everyone loves great music, rather female or male. So grab him tickets to see his favorite artist in concert in town. You could even buy tickets in a close city where you two can road trip and use it as a romantic getaway.
  5. Tech Toy – Boys love their toys. Grab him the latest technology, rather it be the new iPhone 7, tablet or gaming system. He’ll love you for it!

For Her

  1. Keep Her Warm – Buy her a cute winter coat to keep her warm when you aren’t around to do so. From pea coats to long puffer jackets, you can’t go wrong. Check out her closet to see styles she’s into.
  2. Girl’s Bestfriend – Everyone knows a girl’s bestfriend (well one of them) is diamonds. Diamond studs will be a great gift. If she’s not a flashy person, opt for pearls or silver studs from Tiffany & Co.
  3. Fly Kicks – Just as you wouldn’t mind fly kicks, neither would she. Get her a great pair of pumps that she can wear on your next date. If she’s not into heels, Steve Madden has some great flats.
  4. Books on Books on Books – Grab her the new Kindle Fire HD and she’ll be a happy girl. From tons of books, magazines and even the web at her fingertips, she’ll have something to occupy her during your football games. (;
  5. Smell Good – A girl loves to smell good. I absolutely love the fragrance above (Miss Dior). It may be more difficult to pick out a scent for your girlfriend, but try smelling the perfumes she already has to get a good idea for what she would like.

People think it’s much more simpler to shop for a guy than a girl. It’s always nice when you buy the perfect gift though. Especially for your significant other, so I hope this guide helped you!

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