How to decorate the study room in your home?


A study room is a place especially allocated for some serious research and hard work away from the hustle bustle. The design and decoration of the study room reflect the character of a person and seriousness regarding the career goals in his life. Some general principles must be kept in mind while decorating the study room i.e. it should be furnished in a way that makes you feel at home and keeps up the level of your concentration and motivation. The main features of a good study room include an organized study table and a chair placed near a window if possible to ensure the take of fresh air.  It is preferable to design the room keeping in mind your study patterns and styles to maximize your productivity. A calm and peaceful study room is no more a luxury indeed it is the need of present age to focus on the compilation of your ideas. To have a cozy study room we don’t need a lot of space, you can effectively manage small space to create a working environment that is both comfortable and free of disturbance. Addressed in this article are some of the queries you might face while decorating your home study room.

Use motivational quotes and inspirational posters as a wall cover:

A study room is a place that fills the purpose of spending some quality alone time with oneself. It is totally up to you how to design your study room that saves you from getting distracted. To avoid distractions the best way is the use of motivational quotes and inspirational posters that keep you tuned to your goals and keep your spirits high till the achievement of your goals.

Keep it simple yet organized:

The second general idea is to keep the décor simple yet organized. If you have space issues, you can select a corner that is away from the living space and does not catch much noise from the surroundings. If you have a limited area, you can opt for a cozy table with inbuilt shelves that would help in keeping your things organized and give more of a tidy look.  You can also add an exotic look to your study room by adding a piece of colorful rug and by painting or decorating the colors of the windows of the shelves to avoid dullness. You can also add a stylish rocking chair to rock and relax while enjoying reading your favorite book.

A table lamp that fulfills the purpose of both décor and light:

To decorate the study room of your home the use of stationary accessories and table lamp is a must. A table lamp can be used as an alternative if natural light is not available. A table lamp with white light will help you to keep your room illuminated and keeps you focused and concentrated on your work. Secondly, you can also use stationary accessories to décor your study table to keep yourself updated with the completed and uncompleted tasks.

Place a comfortable couch near the window for reading purpose:

If you have wide space available, then you can allocate a special corner for reading activities. Make sure to buy a comfortable couch and place it near a window to ensure the intake of fresh air. This is a healthy option as you can switch to it if you are tired of desk work to relax and enjoy some quality reading while enjoying nature view from the window.

Effectively utilizing open shelves and wall-mounted desks:

home study room decoration ideas

The last but not the least idea for decorating the study room is to wisely make use of the open shelves and wall mounted desk to set and organized your books and reading the material. You can use the open shelves for décor with your achievement shields whereas you can adjust your hard material on the wall mounted tasks that would add to the studious look of the room.

Be Organized:

Make utilization of the work area drawers to keep things you require close by yet not spread out everywhere throughout the desktop. On the off chance that you don’t have enough drawers, utilize boxes, and little cases, that you can stack on the desktop alongside the edge of your study region. Sort out your study materials by subject in organizers or portfolios. Mark each unmistakably and store them for simple access. Since a disorganized study area will largely effect the overall academic performance of your kids; it’s important that your personally take care of the minute details when it comes to decorating the study room.


Great lighting is a standout among the most significant parts of a workstation. Since homework assignments for children regularly go into the night hours, it is critical that a homework space has adequate lighting.

Put resources into a better than average work area light or overhead lighting to help your child see the light of day with regards to schoolwork. It’s recommended to avoid florescent lighting and go for more common light.

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