How to Design Your Own Custom Men’s Wedding Band?

Custom Men’s Wedding Band

Your wedding ring should have a great shiny feature and must reflect your personality. Some grooms wish to create wedding bands that will highlight the uniqueness of their love and relationship. After all, a wedding ring is something that you will be wearing for the coming years in your life and it should be made of something that you extremely love and adore.

Take a look at this guide that describes all the tactics you need to follow and consider while customizing the design and style of your men’s wedding ring:

Plan Early

Customized ring requires time to be created. Therefore, it is recommended to start early with your design ideas. From incorporating engravings to embellishments, designing customized wedding rings can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Make sure that you enlighten the jeweler beforehand about the deadline, so he can suggest you with better options and alternative designs if you are running low on time.

Borrow Design Ideas

One of the most important things to make certain is that you have some design ideas in your mind prior to customizing your wedding band. Jewelry designers all over the world advise men to conduct a deep-rooted research on the Internet and then determine an appropriate design for their ring. From band metal and ring setting to the color of the gemstones, have a look at  for great designing ideas related to men’s wedding bands. You can also borrow ideas from various social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Find a Professional Jeweler

In order to achieve a perfect tailor-made men’s wedding band, it is important to find someone who is an expert in designing rings based on custom style preferences. For this, you have to give some time to research and communicate with your family and friends to find authentic and reliable contacts. You want to trust someone with designing your wedding band who is a veteran in customizing wedding rings. Apart from the trust factor, you also want to engage with a craftsperson who can comprehend what you are trying to achieve in your ring’s design. Therefore, work with a jeweler whose design style meets your requirements and make sure that you get your desired band.

Select the Metal

This completely depends on your budget and style preferences. When you are investing your resources in a customized men’s wedding band, then you can choose any metal that will fit your budget. While platinum, palladium, and gold are high-end choices, tungsten and sterling silver are budget-friendly options.

Determine the Setting

In this modern era, you can choose from an eclectic range of setting options including the cathedral, halo, prong, Tiffany, bezel, flush, suspension, tension style, channel, bar, cluster, vintage and many more.

Know Your Budget

There is a tradition that a man spends two months’ salary on an engagement ring. While this is not a hard and fast rule, it might help to frame your budget. And a budget will help narrow your search for the perfect ring. While you are looking at rings, let your jeweler know what your budget is. This will ensure that you are shown real possibilities for perfection. It is important to remember that, while an engagement ring is something you will love for a lifetime, the amount of money you spend is not a reflection of the depth or intensity of the love you feel for your partner. And, no matter your budget, there are many ways to achieve elegance and sophistication without overspending.

Know Your Stones

To understand how the 4 Cs work together to determine a diamond’s rarity and value, consider this diagram, like a classic balance. For a given price, you balance the carat weight on the left side and color, clarity, and cut on the right side. To select a larger size for a given price, to stay in balance, you would choose a less rare quality diamond. To select a rarer quality diamond, to stay in balance, you would choose a smaller size.

Consider your ring setting colors

The color of the band will greatly affect the look of your engagement ring. Yellow gold is the warm, traditional choice, while the silvery tones of white gold or platinum are cool, sleek, and contemporary.

But with custom engagement rings, you can also incorporate color in other ways! With heart diamonds, colored gemstones create an even more whimsical look.


Finally, approve the raw sketch of the ring design only if it suits your pocket and fashion completely. The designer will begin casting and cleaning the ring, making it ready for your wedding day in time after polishing it brilliantly. Adhere to the above-mentioned tips before putting your efforts in men’s wedding band customization.

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