How to Get Away With Wearing Pajamas Everyday

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There are just some days when you don’t ever want to get out of those comfy PJs. And why would you ever want to? Pajamas are loose-fitting sleep clothes that are in every way designed for utmost comfort. The problem is, your typical set of sleepwear isn’t exactly considered by most to be appropriate attire for any occasions outside the house. Besides, how would you even wear any type of sleepwear out of the bedroom? Can you really get away with wearing pajamas everyday?

The short answer to that last question is a definite hell yes. It’s 2017 and pajamas are now acceptable everyday wear. And if you’re creative enough, you can find different ways to wear jammies for every occasion in your life, whether for work, formal cocktails, or just being outside the house. Seriously: everyone’s adolescent fantasy of wearing jammies anywhere they damn well please has become fashion forward reality.

Don’t be intimidated by this new trend. At the end of the day, pajamas are just loose-fitting clothes made of different kinds of fabric and designed to be wholly comfy; just like most other types of clothing, there are countless ways to incorporate your comfiest PJs into almost any type of attire.

Nothing Beats A Full Set of Glamorous Pajamas

The full potential of pajama fashion is realized in the glam suit: a top-to-bottom set of full PJs that’s not only flatteringly cut, but is also designed with enough lining and structure to feel like a complete non-bedroom outfit. It’s arguably the best way to use the properties of high quality fabrics like silk and egyptian cotton. The prices for these types of outfits range between fairly affordable to questionably insane (then again, undeniably good fashion is technically priceless). If you really feel like wearing pajamas to cocktail parties and formal evenings, this is the best way to pull it off. Glam suits are proof that the comfiest fabrics can sometimes be the most badass. You just need the right shoes (and purse) to pair with your glam suit and you’re good to go.

While the proper pajama glam suit is a formal fashion must-have, not everyone is absolutely prepared to rock top to bottom pajamas and turn heads at events where everyone else is dressed regularly (ho-hum). If you’re not that ready for 100% top-to-bottom sleepwear, there are a bunch of other ways to pull off wearing comfy jammies in public.

Mix Pajama Pieces With Regular Outdoor Clothes

Do you want to try wearing pajamas outside without any risk of looking like you’re already ready for bed? Mix your regular wardrobe with various eye-catching pajama pieces. This is something that a lot of women have been doing even before full-on couture cocktail pajamas became a thing. Just treat pajama pieces as if they were regular outdoor clothing; mix and match however you please:

Wear a cropped pajama top with your classic blue jeans. Pair your favorite heels with sensibly subdued pajama bottoms topped with a neat blazer. Give new life to your plain black clothes by pairing them with extravagantly printed PJs. Use an asian silk pajama top as a robe or coat over plain old regular clothes to add a little flavor. Wear some aviators to go with your all-black silk glam suit ensemble and prepare to kick some ass. Just like any fashion trend, wearing pajamas in public offers countless design opportunities for any aspiring tastemaker with the guts to try something unusual and new. While it can seem awkward at first to leave your house wearing only sleepwear, just remember this: when it comes to the future of fashion, the only rule it to make it look good. Wear whatever you want and make up your own rules along the way.

Don’t Just Rely on Expensive Retailers to Find Stylish PJs

While it’s much easier to just order from a luxury retailer’s catalogue of fashion pajamas, it’s much cheaper to rummage through local sources (both online and offline) for affordable pajama pieces. Secondhand clothing stores, garage sales, clearance sales, antique clothing boutiques, and Instagram accounts that sell preloved clothes are just some of the places where you can find nice pajama tops, bottoms, and sets that can be permanent parts of your comfy wardrobe.

If you’re petite, you have the added option of trying out kids’ or teens’ pajama pieces (a good source of unique and interesting patterns and details). If you find certain pieces that are just shy of what you’re exactly looking for, you can alter it yourself or ask a tailor to alter it to your specifications. You can even experiment with replacing boring buttons with antique or colorful ones to give new life to a plain, cropped pajama top. Be sensible but daring, and most of all, have fun being stylishly comfy all day.


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