Piercings and the Fashion Runway: Is it a Good Mix?

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Piercings were considered as taboo a few decades back. People who had it were frowned upon and considered as rebels or distasteful.

Today though, everything is different. Almost everyone has some type of piercing, including kids! There are many ways you can rock a face or body piercing, you just have to make sure that you are a hundred percent sure that you can commit to it.

So, do body and facial piercings and the fashion runway mix? Actually, a lot of models have been sporting facial piercings on the runway lately. Givenchy models were seen sporting faux piercings back in the Fall/Winter collection for 2015 – 2016. Their faces were clad with fake but extravagant piercings, and people had a lot to say about it.

We can definitely say that piercings, whether fake or real, are now being accepted in the modelling and fashion industry. It’s definitely not the norm, but it is not frowned upon either. You surely can wear one, as long as the designer and the fashion show producers agree to it.

If you are a model and you are sporting some type of facial piercing, then continue reading, as we will tell you how to navigate through your modelling career even with a piercing on.

Be Honest and Upfront About it

Never try to hide your piercing to an agent or agency. The moment you submit your photos or portfolio to an agency, mention right away that you have a piercing. Explain where it is located and how huge the piercing is – just be completely detailed about it.

Ask them if it would be okay with them for you to model with the piercing on, or if they would prefer to have it taken out for a show or a photoshoot. Now, it is always your decision to make whether you are willing to remove the piercing for a while or refuse to do the job if they decline your request to keep it. Just know your priorities and decide which one is more important: the piercing or the modelling job?

Learn to be Flexible

Just like what we have mentioned earlier, you would have to be flexible and give in to the agency’s requests. If they allow you to wear your piercings freely during a runway or a shoot, then great! If they ask you to remove it temporarily for the sake of the show or the photos, then it would totally be up to you if you would say yes to their requests.

If you have the piercing on for more than a year or so, then it would be safe to remove the piercing for a couple of hours. However, if you just had the piercing done and it’s been on for just a couple of months, weeks, or even days, then it would be harder to take it off and put it back on again. The process can be quite tedious, plus you can expect some type of pain once you decide to put it back on again.

When faced with this decision, you would have to decide whether to remove the lip or nose piercing altogether and get the job, or keep the piercing and lose the modelling stint. Think about the opportunity and how lucky you are to be chosen by the agency or the designer to be booked and chosen to represent their brand.

Think About the Theme

Consider the theme of the runway show and see if it would be appropriate for them to hire a pierced model. Sure, some brands and agencies would not mind models having piercings and tattoos, and some of them would even prefer to book these types of model. However, this all depends on the theme of the show though.

If it is more of an avant garde runway show, then you can expect the piercings to be accepted. However, if you are trying to get booked for a teens’ collection runway show or something of a similar theme, then the agency would probably ask you to remove your piercings.

Always know the theme of what you are trying to get booked for and consider that. If you want to show off your piercings, then go ahead and apply for a piercing runway show or for a print photoshoot featuring tattooed and pierced models.


Always remember that in any type of job, you would always have to be considerate and do some types of sacrifices just to be able to get hired. It’s a tough world and models do not always get booked, but at the end of the day, accepting the job and the rules that comes with it is still your decision to make.

It doesn’t always go your way, but you can definitely make it work if you try hard enough!

Author Bio

Tephanie Stephenson has extensive knowledge when it comes to body and facial piercings. She has seen it all – from nostril piercings all the way to nipple piercings. She has over 10 piercings including a nostril, medusa, eyebrow, tragus, earlobe, and industrial. She is an expert when it comes to cleaning piercings and keeping it infection-free.

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