Step Up Your Wardrobe with a Satin Bomber Jacket

Inside the fashion world, many, if not most, clothing items come and go with trends and fads. However, some styles are truly timeless and classic, never fading from the forefront of the current fashion landscape. One such item is the immortal bomber jacket, a piece that was once made only for the American military, it has now become a staple in classic vintage wear, and has been labeled by many fashion designers as a must-have item in any wardrobe.

Functional, flattering and versatile, the bomber jacket has wide-spread appeal that can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion. Bomber jackets come in a wide variety of styles and materials, but if you’re looking for a truly classic piece, then satin is your go-to. Whether you’re looking to give homage to the iconic looks of the 1950s and 60s, or are looking to step up a modern look with a classic twist, a satin bomber jacket is the perfect piece to help you strut your stuff and shine. If you’re thinking about purchasing your very first bomber, or simply aiming to grow your wardrobe with a new style or color, we’ve complied a couple different looks to show you the possibilities and give you a little bit of inspiration.

Lighten Up GrungeLighten Up Grunge

Pair your classic satin bomber jacket with some cropped, ripped white wash jeans and a basic tee for a subtle grunge look that seems effortless. Feeling fancy? A pair of heels makes this outfit ready for all kinds nightlife. Looking for comfort? This look also works great with a pair of sneakers, or, better yet, some classic black and white saddle shoes. As for accessories, a pop of a bold print and the right sunglasses will have you looking and feeling runway-ready whether you’re hitting the bars or running some daytime errands.


        Club Ready Satin Bomber Jackets                     

Club Ready

If you’re going out, you can elevate your classy ensemble with the timeless satin bomber jacket. Paired with a little black dress and heels or knee high boots, it adds the perfect splash of character and individualtiy to a sleek and modern look. Satin has a reputation of being a regal fabric, which makes it perfect for staying warm and looking hot. To compensate for the puffiness of the jacket, be sure to pair it with some tighter fitting layers underneath for a bold, slimming look that is sure to turn heads whether you’re going downtown, hitting a cocktail party, or just out for dinner with friends.



When in Doubt, Pair with Basics

When in Doubt, Pair with Basics

For a tried-and-true retro-inspired style perferct for almost any class of event, pair a light colored satin bomber jacket with a basic crew or v-neck tee. Complemented by a nice pair of jeans (the darker the wash, the thinner you’ll look), a cotton top in a neutral color will emphasize the satin’s natural sheen and make you glow! As for the accessories, both gold and silver would pair masterfully, giving you the chance to showcase your own individual style, and add a personal touch sure to make the outfit pop. Some thin strap heels and a neutral handbag complete a look that ensures you stay comfortable and confident the whole time.



Casual Tough Girl Satin Bomber Jackets

                                                      Casual Tough Girl

Upgrade a classic graphic tee with an edgy satin black bomber jacket. No matter the print of your tee, this jacket is sure to complement it. These bomber jackets are always versatile — pair them with anything that capitalizes on the gentle glow of the satin and the audacious statement of a jet black jacket. Black on black is sure to catch eyes and look slimming, while a bold prints or colors underneath will take this outfit outside the box and give you a chance to showcase your personality. Complete this outfit with some skinny jeans, and the right footwear to bring it all together. Chuck Taylors are always a great choice, but Vans or heels would pair equally as well depending on which look you’re going for.

If you’re looking to level up your fit with a stylish, timeless jacket, Nostalgiaville is the perfect place to look. With a great selection of American-made, satin bomber jackets made out of 100% nylon satin, our jackets expertly blend style with comfort, and are the perfect compliement to any wardrobe. They offer an easy way to combine the charming aesthic of the past with modern fashion designs of almost any kind. Whether you strut your stuff in a clean, classic black, lush pink satin, or go for a true vintage statement piece and pick from our selection of jackets with hand-stitched patches, you’re sure to find it as one of the most functional and universal items in your closet.


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