The Complete Guide To Gift Giving Etiquette


We give gifts to commemorate milestones, show appreciation, honor a loved one’s memory or just to celebrate. Every gift comes from the heart, and the thought always counts. However, there are rules of etiquette for gift giving that should be followed.

Gift giving can be tough, because we try to understand what each individual might want and will love. However, as Psychology Today notes, we cannot get in someone’s head. And the struggle to find the perfectly pleasing present often creates a ton of stress. How we give gifts also depends on our culture and our family traditions, according to the publication. While one family may spend hundreds for a birthday present, another might just buy a small gift card. How much we spend and how we choose the perfect gift depends on both the giver and the recipient.

For each situation the ideal gift changes. And tastes and preference of the gift’s intended recipient also helps influence what we choose.

There are a few gift ideas that never go out of style…and that are almost universally appreciated. A gift of food offers a loving bounty meant to feed the soul, the heart and the stomach. Just be sure to know any allergies before gifting food. Flowers are the ideal gift to show sympathy, appreciation and love. Colorful blooms will certainly lift a smile and are the traditional gift for Mother’s Day. While flowers are loved by most, gift baskets are the ideal way to include numerous surprises in one pretty package…themed gift baskets also are a great way to nod to a recipient’s hobbies, taste buds or heart.

While gifts vary per each occasion, never forget to give a gift to a loved one on birthdays, anniversaries or certain religious holidays. The price tag for such gifts is irrelevant, but the giver should be sure to select a gift that adds a personal touch. On birthdays and anniversaries, flowers are a perfect gift. You also can give a traditional gift for each anniversary (first anniversaries are celebrated with a gift of paper). For religious holidays, even homemade presents send a loving message…or bake a present (cookies and cakes also can be made sugar-free and/or gluten free).

No matter what gift you give, just be certain to never re-gift! Re-gifting might seem like an easy way to get rid of an unused item, but many find re-gifting to be a tacky practice. If you’re going to re-gift, be smart about what item you choose to re-gift.

Regardless of what gift you choose for a friend or loved one, don’t stress too much. Choose from the heart and try to find something that will be loved and appreciated. If you still come up empty, opt for a lovely bouquet of flowers!

Check out the below info-graphic for more details and colorful info on gift giving etiquette.

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