What does a Man’s Watch say About Him?

What does a Man’s Watch say About Him

Style is a reflection of your attitude and personality” goes a saying. Let’s go one step ahead and say that a man’s watch is a reflection of his style. Look closely and a man’s watch will reveal much about his personality, his temperament, his nature, his attitude, and his quirks.

He’s Got Taste


One slight turn of his wrist leaves you breathless – it’s a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. All watches are not made equal, as they say, but a Rolex watch must be a class of its own. And so must be the man sporting one. It shows a man who has exquisite tastes and has set his sight on only the very best. He does not spare any expense to go after his dreams either. There is being rich and there is being classy – a man who wears a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is both.

He’s the Outdoorsy Sort


He’s an Oris Divers 65 man. His watch is not flashy but clearly declares that this man is the sportsy, outdoorsy kind. He’s rugged, he’s rough. He loves to go out on a day off; racing, diving, trekking are his favourites. He’s the kind who’s just at much at ease camping in the woods as he is at official events. Like the anti-shock system built into Oris Divers 65, the man too is ready to take on life with all its surprises. His strength is his greatest asset.

He’s a Trendsetter


He’s a man who sports a Hublot Classic Fusion. He wears the red tie and keeps up with the latest trends. He doesn’t follow the herd; he goes ahead and creates his own fashion statement which is then followed by others. Quite like the Hublot Classic Fusion, he likes to be different. The black gold stylish looks of his watch proclaims his elegance, his fashion quotient, his panache.

He’s Olde Worlde Charming


He wears a Montblanc Heritage Spirit. The classic brown leather strap, large round silver dial and clean looks lend it an olde worlde charm that reflects his personality. He appreciates traditions, revels in heritage, and believes in values. His integrity is beyond doubt and is a solid, dependable man. He cherishes precision and skillfulness but is certainly not the flamboyant kind. Here’s a man whose love of vintage items keeps him grounded and he builds his life on his own efforts rather than banking on fortune.

He’s Elegant but Unassuming


He sports a Titoni Master on his wrist. He’s wearing about a century of world class watch making precision, but the stunning design is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. One look at his watch and we know that here’s a man who is elegant and passionate about quality. He’s certainly not the flashy kind. He’s solid and dependable but at the same time is capable of being easy going. He pays particular attention to the small details that go into making things and moments perfect.

He’s the Soul of the Party


The party doesn’t get started till he arrives. He’s the friend you’re likely to think of first when planning an event. He’s a great dancer, he tells the funniest tales, he’s great with the kids; his chivalry is enviable. Take a look at his wrist. Chances are he’s wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Eight Days Perpetual 40. This is one of the most attractive men’s watches you’d have seen, not unlike the man himself.

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