Why You Should Shop From Independent Designers

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Imitation is often regarded as the highest form of flattery but individual style is something desired much more because let’s face it, who wants to look like everybody else? Large corporate brands are at the heart of creating fashion carbon-copies. They urge you to ‘get this exact look’ and steal the style of your favorite celeb rather than create your own. This is one of many reasons why you should shop independently.

Supporting independent designers and businesses means supporting innovative design. They take time and care in creating unique designs rather than churning out replicas that simply conform to the ‘hot right now’ genre. They help bring new ideas into the fashion industry, preventing the monotonous nature of repetition. Knowing you have purchased independent clothing from a local company often tells you exactly where the product came from and the conditions it was made in. This is not the case for purchasing products from overseas corporate giants, so the process of making clothes for such a small price may not occur in fair working conditions.

Small businesses have a closer customer connection. Every purchase counts and they care what their consumers think. With your opinion being valued and taken into consideration when designing and selling – what’s not to love?

Here are a few independent clothing stores to inspire you to branch out and separate yourself from the crowd:

Wolf & Badger

W&B Clothing

Wolf & Badger sell a range of independent jewellry, accessories, homeware and clothing for men, women and kids. They have stores located in London’s Mayfair, SoHo and Notting Hill and work closely with independent designers to bring customers unique products. Wolf & Badger only stock the best independent brands so that it continues to practice what it preaches with high quality fabrics, clothing and styles. The philosophy behind the brand is to promote, empower and showcase some of the finest clothing in a world filled with fast fashion and mass generated clothing. It brings back an ethical, stylish and true fashionista approach that has been missing for so long. Their website is sleek and stylish, easy to use and represents their high quality products perfectly.

The Couture Club

TCC Clothing

The Couture Club specialises in independent designer menswear, sold at an affordable price. Founded in 2014, the Manchester based company pride themselves on providing unique pieces of the highest quality. The brand represents everything Manchester does, taking on board fashion and turning it into it’s very own, unique and distinct style. It continues to thrive from a number of celebrities caught in The Couture Club’s pieces, as well as recognition for its truly unique concept on fashion. They carry a wide range of products – from sliders and sneakers to men’s distressed joggers and denim jackets. Each range is tailored to fit The Couture Club’s passion, philosophy and more importantly, it’s style. If you’re looking for a marriage of comfort, luxury and style, The Couture Club is all you will ever need.


SilkFred clothing fashion

SilkFred focuses on independent womenswear that is cool and unique for every customer. Their clothes are affordable meaning you don’t have to break the bank to stand out from the crowd and look good. They carry a range of vintage clothes, catering to every taste and style. Customers have praised SilkFred’s simple and easy to use website and their range of diverse pieces. You can shop items by trend, staying up to date with the latest styles while still looking unique. It’s brings a different concept to womens fashion that moves away from the likes of Pretty Little Thing and BooHoo. SilkFred believe in independence and that independence is the most powerful thing you can be. The experience is everything you need from a consumer point of view and helps you find pieces that cut through the noise of online shopping, bringing together a central hub of all women shoppers.

BLVCK Clothing


BLVCK clothing couture

BLVCK Clothing is nowhere near as known as the likes of The Couture Club, SilkFred and Wolf & Badger, however, the brand is on the rise. Founded in 2007, BLVCK have moved from strength to strength, creating pieces that arrive in the most simplistic form, however, with extraordinary colours, fits and styles. BLVCK fill the gap in the streetwear market that is only unique to them and most sought after by other mainstream clothing brands. The streetwear and lifestyle brand simply bring you affordable pieces, combined with hot and on trend items in order to bring you perfect pieces of clothing. The range that BLVCK pride themselves on is something that is complete, with global offices in London, India and California, where they have quickly become hot property.

The following brands may niche to certain types of styles, however, the brands contribute genuine fashionable and high quality pieces that appear to be missing in the digital age.

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